Virtual Mercy Positive Messages

Our Mercy girls are sending Compassionate Service to all the people that we usually visit weekly. Our hearts are with you as we all are living differently! Keep your spirits up…love differently…care differently…show your kindness differently! SEND YOUR PICTURE OR VIDEO to:

THANK YOU video message TO the kitchen staff at House of Mercy homeless shelter (sent on Saturday, May 9)

Senior, Brianna Biju created this by asking friends, faculty & staff to share words of gratitude to the hard working staff in the kitchen helping to feed the vulnerable in our City of Rochester.

The following week on Friday, May 15, the staff at House of Mercy SURPRISED US with a THANK YOU video message back. The LOVE & GRATITUDE is contagious!

VIRTUAL Mercy Service

Many students are creating ideas and serving those in need differently & virtually….for elementary children in the Rochester City School District…for Bethany House…for Cameron Community Ministries…care packages for the homeless at House of Mercy

Sydney Laniak, 11th

Maria Gkourlias, 10th

Michaela Monile, 11th 
Roisin (10th) & Mairead (6th) Meyer’s virtual messages

Hi Everyone! I know this quarantine has been hard on everyone, but I’m just here to remind you of the positives and be your virtual friend.


Katherine, 2nd from right
  • Self healing time
  • More time to read 
  • Good time to learn a new skill (I have been taking up cooking, but drawing is something I’ve been looking into) 
  • Good time to catch up on much needed sleep
  • Time to write a letter to my friends

What I have been doing:

  • Sleeping 
  • Eating (I dropped my diet -oops) 
  • Spending time with my family 
  • Catching up on school work 
  • Getting baby pigs (they are very cute) 
  • Cuddling with my cat
  • Reading more books 
  • Working out more (in the comfort of my room) 
  • Appreciating nature
  • Cleaning EVERYTHING
  • Watching house remodeling – very therapeutic I highly recommend 
  • Self evaluations to see where I can improve 
  • Working on stuff for the Civil Air Patrol 

And sooo much more. 

I hope you are all happy and finding the bright side to all of this, if you ever want a good book to read, I highly recommend Harry Potter, and To Kill a Mockingbird. Have a great day!

With love and care,

Katherine Longuil 🙂 (9th grade)

Genevieve Gunther, 9th, being super active!

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