Virtual Furry Friends

ONLINE PET THERAPY here we come!!! Add photos of your adorable pets by emailing Share a little bio or sweet description of your furry friend. Share how your adorable pet’s life has changed since you’ve been home working and/or studying now.

Annika (gr. 7), Avery (gr. 8) & Mrs. VanDamme’s cat,  Luna (after Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter). She loves to keep us company when working. Her favorite is to rub her face with ours and walk on our keyboard. Good times!
Laneybug is a great companion and stays with me throughout my school day!  She will be 5yrs old on May 3rd. She loves having me home during this time I don’t know what she is going to do when we get back to our normal routine.  
Delaney Morgia, 7th grade
Ms. Van Houten’s fluffy dog Alfie

Ms. Van Houten’s sweet old lady, Tinike, her rescue mini-daschund

Christine Seeger’s pup, Tucker

Toes is a frequent visitor to Mrs. Rouleau’s morning English 10H classes

“No walk, just belly rubs!”
Mia telling Madame Belanger that she is too comfy to go for a walk.
Mia saying patiently “Whatcha doin’? Wanna pet me?”
“Am I doing this right? I could get used to it…”
Mia on the couch by herself for the first time.

Since she was confined to a horse stall for the first six years of her life, she didn’t know how to use furniture and wouldn’t sleep on the couch until last week.
~Madame Belanger, French Teacher

Catherine Kinard with her doggo Gretchen
Mrs. Randazzese’s new work space
Mr. Metzler’s pets are NOT practicing “social distancing”.
 (Milkshake, the 8lb cat, has displaced Derby, the 115lb dog, from his big bed in the garage!!)
Mrs. Decosse’s dog, Buddy says, “too many walks”
Mairead Meyer (6th) and her dog, Ollie

Tucker enjoying life the ole fashioned way : )

Henry’s new toy

Benjamin hugging Hildy.  Hildy is thrilled that I’m home all day; she’s always curled up on the guest room bed next to the desk where I’m working. And she’s loving the extra walks and outside time these days are offering.  She’s not always thrilled to have Benjamin’s relentless and energetic attention, but she’s a good sport!

~Mrs. Kvam

Our 8 month old lab, Annie.  Annie is amazingly therapeutic in so many ways, though most recently she has been so great in getting the kids and I outside to enjoy the fresh air.

~Mrs. Schmalstich

Sydney Laniak’s Happy Gus
Mrs. Randazzese always has Henry close by
Katherine Longuil’s piggies
Mrs. Decosse’s pets know how to follow directions
Mrs. Decosse’s kitty

Mrs. Decosse’s kitty is smiling
Baxter is keeping Mrs. Zumchak’s son’s feet warm
Beautiful Baxter
Makenna Casper’s good girl, Harley
Hi! This is Evita! She is a Chihuahua and she is usually very nervous but the Sun seems to be calming her down. ~Michaela Monile, 11th

Mrs. Randazzese’s daughter, Sophia with Henry.
He loves to run off leash in the park and play catch with anything!

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