The Legacy – Oct. 25th
We connected with a Mercy Alum from the Class of ’49.  She told some funny stories of being taught by the nuns from many decades ago!!!

Foodlink – Oct. 24th
1x/month on a Tuesday night, Mercy has a volunteer slot.  This time we helped fill bags for underprivileged kids to bring food home for the weekend in their backpacks from school.  

Cameron Community Ministries, Oct. 24th
Reading and one-on-one homework help positively impacts these elementary school children who attend #54 school during the day.

House of Mercy Homeless Shelter – Oct. 19th
4 Sophomores helped serve dinner on Thursday night.  Adult chaperones, Mrs. Purcell and Mrs. O’Mara helped as well!  A heartwaming experience!
And 4 McQuaid students came along as well and help rake leaves outside.  

Ronald McDonald House – Oct. 18th
Pesto Lasagna Rolls & Brownies on the menu for the families 
whose children are at Golisano Children’s Hospital

Bethany House – Oct. 14th
On a Saturday morning, these 7 high school students enjoyed helping organize baby clothes, canned goods and feminine bags.  

Valley Manor – Oct. 11th
On their 1/2 day of school, 5 Freshman spent time with the elderly decorating Pumpkin cookies and playing BINGO.

Cameron Community Ministries – Oct. 10th
Helping these grateful and joyful elementary children with their homework!

Friday, Sept. 29th
We made HISTORY!  Over 33,000 canned goods and mac-n-chs was collected by the entire high school.  All food was donated to Sister Regis Food Cupboard, House of Mercy Homeless Shelter, Bethany House, and St. Andrew’s Food Cupboard.  Thank you to EVERYONE who helped…students, parents, faculty & staff!!!!!!!

Hildebrandt Hospice Cookie Baking – Sept. 27th evening

The Legacy – Sept. 27th afterschool
Enjoying some games with our friends.

Fairport Baptist Homes – Sept. 19th

Helping the senior residents with simple household chores with a smile and a dog : )

Ronald McDonald House – Sept. 18th
2017-2018 school year

Mrs. Filgueiras, Mrs. Ruth and students,  Rachel Gargan, Carolina Filgueiras, Elizabeth Catapano and Hannah Ruth together prepared a yummy dish of Baked Ziti and Brownies for the families whose children are receiving specialized medical care at Golisano Children’s Hospital.  

Mrs. Colpoys (Mercy parent) organized an evening of prepping and serving the dinner meal to the Homeless.  Mrs. Johnston and Ruth Koang (11th gr) joined in and helped serve the homeless.  Next year, we will serve monthly with a Mercy Staff person each month!

Mrs. Johnston gifted this cake the evening she served!

We made brown bag lunches for the homeless at Open Door Mission through their “Peanut Butter & Jelly Project”.  We also collected canned food for women at the Bethany House and clothes for families at Mary’s Place.

We helped clean some garden beds in the city near the Memorial Art Gallery, in the Neighborhood of the Arts.



April 25th
We helped the children with their homework.  After it’s done – we play!!!


THE LEGACY – April 5th
Helping senior residents with the ‘dresses’ for the Wacky Fashion Show to benefit Camp Good Days & Special Times, Sat., 4/29, 2-4pm

She’s wearing a “2-Tu”

She’s wearing “Jammies”.

FOODLINK – March 21st

Mr. Wayne helping out his Host-daughters, Carmen Tian and May Tang.

Helping elementary school aged children with their homework.  These children attend Flower City No. 54 and 98% of the children live in poverty.  

The LEGACY – March 1st
We had a full afternoon with 18 Mercy students walking to The Legacy in the 65 degree weather.  Everyone split up and various groups played Rummikub, played the Baby Grand piano, went to a Senior Resident, Rose’s apartment to listen to her play the keyboard, and play Wii Bowling… 

INTERVOL – February 16th
Sorting donated medical supplies (from area Hospitals) to be sent to developing countries in need of such supplies!

Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center – Feb. 7th
Baking cookies is ALWAYS a good thing…especially when people are going through difficult times. 

Mercy/McQuaid Urban Plunge Retreat
Jan. 27th-29th
6 Mercy students and 6 McQuaid students gathered together at the Sister of St. Joseph Volunteer Corps this weekend.  The focus and intent was to be of service at Bethany House and Morningstar Foster Care.  Lots of laughs, games, eating, prayer and sharing…

Sr. Donna Del Santo, Mr. Infield (Ashley Cumming’s Dad),  Angel Yang, Lex Klimek, Ashley Cummings, Hannah Bauman, Elizabeth Hanley, Summer Mills, and Sr. Marilyn Pray with McQuaid students.

At Morningstar Foster Care helping the medically fragile children.

At Bethany House helping in the baby clothes room.

At night, hanging out at the Retreat House, listening to Sr. Barbara talk about  civil rights and the non-violent resistance in Selma and her experience in 1965! 

RONALD McDONALD HOUSE – Friday, Jan. 27th
A mighty fine dinner consisting of Baked Ziti (Carolina’s, 10th gr,  mother – Mrs. Alexandra Filgueiras’ recipe) and donated Bread from The Village Bakery AND
donated cheesecake from Cheesy Eddies !!!

FOODLINK – 1/24/17

Madison Wood -10th and her family.  

Juniors, Natalie O’Hern, Katie Anderson and Ashley Cummings


These children were particularly happy, polite and grateful!!!  We had a lot of tender moments and fun times tonight helping the kids make Winter crafts!!!

We helped prep and serve the Lunch meal to the men, women, and children who come to recieve a free meal for the day.  All were gracious, polite, grateful and helpful!!!

Joe’s Brooklyn Pizza donated 17 boxes.  Awesome company to be so giving!!!

This is our first time going here and we LOVED it!!!  We helped the kids with their homework in the afterschool program.  My heart melted when 5 yr. old Essence came up and hugged me and held my hand.  All of us received such joy from these children.  


Good Times playing Dominoes with these ladies!!!

THE LEGACY – Dec. 14th
We enjoyed playing Christmas BINGO

INTERVOL – Dec. 13th
We helped sort donated medical supplies to be shipped out to countries in need.  

18 of us baked and decorated close to 100 Christmas Cut-outs!  We also wrapped and sorted gifts for the children.  They will all be given out at the annual Christmas party for the women and children who are current and past guests of Bethany House.

THE LEGACY – Dec. 7th
A fun filled afternoon at this Senior Living Community…We decorated the lobby, played Rummikub, and Wii Bowling with Mr. Bob…Then we sang Christmas Carols to the elderly sitting in the Main Living Room

Bringing Christmas Cookie cheer to those suffering from losing a loved one…

We helped 3 elderly residents decorat for Christmas at their homes….such joy and thankfulness!!!  AND they love to thank us with cookies….yummy, we ate yummy treats too while we were volunteering 🙂

THE LEGACY – Nov. 30th
‘Tis the Season


FOODLINK – Nov. 15th

BETHANY HOUSE – Nov. 6th & 10th
A quiet Sunday afternoon reorganizing the Baby Clothes room.  When women in need come to the Bethany House, they are given a bag of clothes for their babies.  It takes a lot of sorting and arranging and this group of Mercy students did a LOT of work!!!


Baking cookies and learning about Hospice!


A big group tonight making Halloween crafts with the children at this Catholic Family Center run emergent housing shelter for women and their children. 

PASSPORT DAY – Oct. 19th
This 2nd annual afternoon of service encourages and empowers our 9th graders to be excited and learn about community service in their High School years.  We went to Angels of Mercy, The Legacy, Foodlink and Fairport Baptist Homes.  All adult drivers and students came back to Mercy with a refreshed, educated and energized view of community service in the Rochester area. 

Freshman: Francesca Sorbello, Juliana Hess, Carolina Filgueiras and Caroline Thomas with volunteer coordinator, Josephine, at Angels Of Mercy.
Paige Spiehler and Trinity Roman-Preston

Anna Miller, Carolena Hernandez, Madeleine Oehling, Jacquelyn Plouffe, Mrs. Spiehler, Ariel Wang, Maggie Sak, and Kaylina Plummer. 

 Bonding over Beans!!!

Madeleine found her new career in TAPING!

Paige Spiehler and her mom!

 Very productive young women!!!

BINGO time at The Legacy!

 Helping out at Fairport Baptist Homes

Ronald McDonald House – Oct. 15th
Bright & Early…3 moms and 6 students got up at the crack of dawn 
to make fruit salad a breakfast casserole for the families staying here.  
Their children are recieving medical treatment at Golisano’s Children Hospital

Joan Crowley ’18, Katie Holdsworth ’20, and Maddie Kammholz ’20 along with their mothers!
….and Jacquelyn Plouffe ’20, Jada Pickett ’20, Ramitha Jonnala ’18 were also up EARLY bringing smiles!!!

                                                  Jada and her sister, Diamond.  

Sanctuary House – Oct. 5th

Francesca Sorbello, Miceala Deutsch, Jennifer Dappen, Jennifer Pacheco, and Elena LaRocco had a fun night playing with kids at this Homeless Shelter for women and their children.  During and after multiple mishaps and silly situations, they had great a perspectives, great attitudes and had a great time! 

Hildebrandt Hospice Care – Oct. 4th
Baking cookies and creating a warm and comfortable support for those affected by
 their loved ones at the last stages of their lives.

 Julia Cilano ’19 and her mother, Betty Cilano, enjoying baking!

Spirit Day Canned Good Competition
Sept. 30th, 2016

 This year…11,116 cans were collected in total.  SENIORS WON bringing in over 6000 cans.  But, really, who is the real winner…Sister Regis Food Cupboard, along with St. Andrew’s Food Cupboard, Dimitry House and Bethany House recieved all these cans.  At least 14 carloads and MANY students, staff and parents helped carry each and every can!  






The Legacy, Sept. 28th, 2016
lots and lots and lots of game playing…

RONALD McDONALD HOUSE – Sept. 24th, 2016

FOODLINK – Sept. 20th, 2016

We learned our lesson…NO FLIP FLOPS at Foodlink…after we changed shoes, we helped organize a TON of donated food items. 

Mrs. MaryKathryn Dappen with daughter, Jennifer, 9th grader!

The Legacy – Sept. 14th, 2016

Bethlehem FINALLY beat Mr. Bob in Wii Bowling. 

Ms. Toni, Mercy Alum from the 2nd graduating class is 102 yrs. old and doing quite well.  She tells us how lucky we are that we are at Mercy!!!

Fairport Baptist Homes – Sept. 13th, 2016
Gardening and Pet Therapy…all in a day’s work

Field of Honor – Sept. 9th, 2016
Honoring 9/11, Mercy Bridges, community members, and students paid tribute to veterans, active members of the military, and first responders, such as police officers, fire fighters, and emergency responders. 

THE LEGACY – Weds. June 1st
An end of the year party…celebration on the patio…playing Rummikub, of course!

Freshman, Taylor Loiacono and Madeline Marr enjoying the sunshine.


To celebrate a GREAT year of volunteering…Students brought canned good donations for Bethany House and clothing for Mary’s Place to “buy” their piece of pizza and Leo’s Bakery Cookie.  We then made over 100 Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches for the homeless through the Open Door Mission “PB&J Factory” project.  

Mr. Quinn making PB&J sandwiches with everyone…
Seniors, Zoe Pienkoski, Violet Dong, Julia Klimek, Aimee Clayton, and Sarah Masri…we will miss you next year 😦

Have you ever made so many PB&J’s at once?

The Assembly line of Brown Bag lunches!

Traci Loiacano (mother of Taylor ’19) organizing the line.

Mrs. Jackie Pawelek and daughter, Julia ’18, making sandwiches

Ella Paris ’19 with her grandmother, Mrs. Paris, a Mercy Alum!!!

Our students in action 

Mrs. Eileen Phillips (center) with daughter, Taylor ’19 (to the right) organizing the entire assembly line.  

Mrs. Candace Michel (sitting on left), mother of Chloe ’19, held everyone together with the sandwich baggies!

Sophomores, Ashley Cummings, Hannah Bauman, and Maddie McIntee relaxing after making all those brown bag lunches!

Freshman, Taylor Phillips, Chloe Michel and Sabrina Dursunova relaxing too 🙂

Juniors, Pam White and Angie Siguenza, helped deliver the 100 brown bagged lunches after the Passport Pizza Party.


Sophomores, Madeline Fasano and Leah Koonmen, with her mother, Mrs. Sue Koonmen preparing a yummy fruit salad.  

Maddie McIntee ’18 with her mother, Mrs. Karen McIntee laughing together.

Madeline Fasano ’18 with her mother, Mrs. Laura Fasono, enjoying each other. 

It’s very early…Lauren Karpinski with her beloved cup of coffee!

SANCTUARY HOUSE – Thurs., May 19th

Jennifer Pacheco, Angie Siguenza, Pam White and Lauren Karpinski making summer crafts with the children at this emergent housing shelter for women and children.

THE LEGACY – Wednesday, May 18th
Emma DeAngelis ’16 led an Origami flower craft afternooon for the Senior Residents. 

Sweet friends, Bethlehem Terefe and Hannah Baumon (both Sophomores), walking back to Mercy in the sunshine.

Another fun and poignant night at Hospice.  After they baked cookies, they walked around to different patient’s rooms offering cookies to their family members.  
Beautiful messages were received!!!

Sophomores, Angie Hines, Julia Trapani and Megan Latas having fun baking cookies!

BETHANY HOUSE – Sat. May 14th 
Once a month, we help clean and organize.  This Catholic Worker women’s shelter is filled with support and love to help women get ‘back on their feet.’

 Angie Siguenza and Pam White making beds for guest about to arrive.

Elaina Trapani matching everything together to help the room look pretty!
Sorting Toilettries to put into little bags to give to women.

Sorting diapers to give to women and their children.


Pet Therapy for the Senior residents!!!

FOODLINK – Thurs., May 5th

Julia Klimek, Elisabeth Hanley, Lexi Klimek and LaRue Heutmaker – a fun-filled night!
TUTORING @ School No. 4 – May 2nd
Sophomores: Hannah Bauman, Ramitha Jonnalo and Megan Latas enjoying tutoring students!

TUTORING @ School No. 4 – April 19th

Jennifer Pacheco ’17, Anika Fischer ’19 and Erin Taffe ’17 with elementary students.

Anika Fischer tutoring a student!

Addie Weidner ’16 enjoying fun-learning time with students.

BETHANY HOUSE – Sat., April 16th
When we arrived this morning, a woman who had been living here for 6 months was preparing to move out into her own apartment.  Through the support and care of the people at Bethany House, she was able to better her life.  We helped move her by filling our vans with her belongings and helped with open and loving arms.  

Ella Paris ’19 and sister helping move items 

Angie Siguenza ’17 helping unload.  

Addie Weidner ’16 and Ella cleaning!

Katie Giugno ’18 and sister Laura ’20 helping cleaning too!

Mr. Mark Paris volunteering with his daughters!

Mrs. Laurie Giugno volunteering with her daughters!

Katie Sylvester ’16 and Angie ’17 – the best organizers! 

Sophia Randazzese, making sure all the toys work : )
Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center – Tuesday, April 12th

We always have a good time…Lauren Karpinski ’16 testing out her strength mixing cookie dough!

Chloe Michel ’19 and Sophia having fun!

Chloe and her mother, Mrs. Candace Michel (Mercy Alum) preparing to serve the cookies to people at Hospice…bringing joy and comfort through baking

Sunday, April 10th

We spent a Sunday afternoon preparing Lasagna and Brownies for 30+ people staying there.  There are 24 rooms and all but 3 were occupied for Sunday night.  Our cooking hopefully filled their bellies and warmed their ailing hearts as they are coping with going to/from Golisano Children’s Hospital.

Jen Geck ’16, Dori Rizzo ’19, Jasmine Xu ’19, Christine Shen ’19, and Addie Weidner ’16 
helped make 2 HUGE Lasagna’s 

Jasmine and Christine came all the way from China to meet Ronald McDonald himself!

Q: What do you do when the brownies are too gooey to serve?
A: Eat them!

Mrs. Donna Rizzo with her daughter, Dori.


FOODLINK – Thurs., April 7th

Ashley Cummings ’18, Hannah Bauman  ’18 and Julia Klimek ’16 organizing TONS of food!

BETHANY HOUSE – Sat., March 19th
A group of students and moms helped out by organizing all of their closets upstairs, folding laundry, organizing the diaper closet, and washing/drying the dishes.  They learned about caring and supporting women who are struggling in their lives.  

Angie Siguenza ’17 (with her mother, Mrs. Lendi Siguenza) and Madison Voelker ’19 (with her mother, Mrs. Sarah Voelker)

Angie reorganizing the linen closet!
Ava Esquier ’16 and Madison cleaning up the kitchen

Two awesome moms reorganizing the diapers closet.

Our Mercy crew with Bethany House staff members, Trudy and Sue!

THE LEGACY – March 16th

Ms. Toni Culross is our beloved Mercy Alum from the 2nd graduating class.  She will turn 101 years old on March 24th.  Sophomores, Bethlehem Terefe, Hannah Bauman and Katie Hobler enjoyed an ‘interview’ visit with her.  Stay tuned for the stories from the 1930s!

We helped MANY children make Easter Crafts.  

Thanx to Jennifer Pacheco, we had GREAT crafts for the night!

Lindsey Green enjoying her time!

Mercy girls at work!

Mrs. Randazzese had a BIG job of holding a very sleepy one month old!

TUTORING – March 15th
At George Mather Forbes School No. 4, we help students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade with their homework.  Friendships are being made!
This student was so interested in Shirley Xing ’18 being from China.    

Pam White ’17, Angie Siguenza ’17 and Sabrina Dursunova ’19 helping a student with Math.



Solomia Laba and Melissa Cook helped out walking this sweet dog! 

FOODLINK – March 3rd
(1st Thursday of each month)
What a great night…Thank you to the 3 moms/hostmom who came out and truly took to heart the option of Passport’s “Volunteer with your Daughter”.  
Candice Pinniam and Host Mom, Ms. Thorpe.

Mrs. Pawelek with daughter, Julia (far right) and friend, Katie Anderson.

Mrs. DeBiase with daughter, Carley.
Katie and Julia wishing they could snack on the food : )

Madison Devlin, always a show-woman, having fun!!!

Thank you Madison, Katie, Julia, Carley and Candice for helping sort TONS of food!!!


Good Morning!!!  Early Saturday morning, these girls rose out of bed on a weekend to cook breakfast for the families whose children are at Golisano Children’s Hospital!
Ava Bianchi and Lauren Karpinski prepping the Broccoli (yes, broccoli!) for breakfast.

Caroline Fjermedal and Kelly Murphy…the master breadcrumbers!

Sarah Bauch and her father, Mr. Jim Bauch!

Marissa Bianchi  and Sarah prepping the Fruit Salad!

The Man, himself!

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day…we helped the children at this Catholic Family Center Homeless Shelter, make crafts…

Ashley Cummings and Hannah Bauman…creative minds!

Lindsay Green and Lauren Karpinski helping the kids.

Erin Taffe enjoying some St. Patty’s Day fun!

Jennifer Pacheco, Sara Ciurca and Ashley Cummings

Eleanore Barrera, Mandy and Marisol Hooks, Sabrina Dursunova (and her mom), Erin Taffe (and her mom), Megan Green and Ruth Crowley all helped 25 refugees “go shopping” for clothes on this Saturday morning.  All clothes and household items at Saints Place are donated from people in the Rochester community!  

FOOD LINK – Feb. 4th

It is AMAZING how grocery stores like Wegmans gives the food that they can’t stock on their shelves to FoodLink to feed those in need.  Bernadette Bruu and Maddy McIntee helped unload and organize boxes and boxes and boxes of food. 

THE LEGACY – Feb. 3rd

Mr. Bob and his Beauties….always enjoy learning Wii Bowling Strike techniques!!!

Ms. Anna and her lovely Rummikub ladies.

 Bernadette Bruu using her artistic skills with Patty Jo.

Ms. Rose and her lovely Rummikub partners…it was a stressful game!

TUTORING @ School #4 – Feb. 2nd

Our 1st time tutoring at this inner city school.  We helped Kindergarten-5th graders.  We can’t wait to go back.  We’ll tutor every other Tuesday!!!

Erin Taffe helping a Kindergartener!
MERCY&McQUAID Urban Plunge Retreat Weekend – Jan. 29th-31st

6 Juniors from each school spent the weekend with the Sisters of St. Joseph Volunteer Corps in the city of Rochester(near St. Boniface church).  Active service at Bethany House and Saint Joseph’s House of Hospitality all day Saturday was the main focus.  Students walked away from the weekend with a refreshing vibrancy in their faith!!!  A special thank you to Sr. Donna Del Santo, Sr. Marilyn Pray, Sr. Lorraine, and Sr. Barbara who live in community and offer their leadership, time and prayer all weekend.

Juniors: Angie Siguenza, Olivia Ortega, Jane Brennan, Pam White, Joyce Ding and Allison Seymour
Angie Siguenza, Olivia Torres and McQuaid students went through PILES of baby donations in the attic.  They were VERY proud that they accomplished organizing this HUGE mess. 

 Our blessed Lunch Time at Bethany House!

MARY’S PLACE – Jan. 28th

This refugee outreach community center NEEDS shoes and clothes for the refugees that come here to Rochester from their native countries with nothing.   We came on a Thursday afternoon after school to organize all the donations.  

MARY’S PLACE – Jan. 22nd

Lizzy Glynn, Isabelle Stockman and Pam White playing with preschool kids on their 
day off school, after they finished exams!!!!  


Painting Nails and baking brownies on a cozy Saturday afternoon!


Bernadette Bruu and Ruth Crowley baked ‘the best’ Chocolate Chip cookies and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for the families of those who are dying here.  They brought their smiles and kind words in to some patient’s rooms.  


Isabelle Stockman, Ava Esquier, and Bernadette Bruu helped put Christmas decorations away for the elderly.  Truly, a monumental task for some…made easy and joyful by the Mercy Girls!

FOODLINK – January 7th, 2016
We sorted millions of apples and helped bag 16 crates of personal plastic bags filled for food for the needy for the weekend program.  It was a very fun night!!!

Violet Dong, Marisol Hooks, Mandy Hooks & Dawn-Marie Sullivan, Katie Anderson & Julia Pawelek taking a phone call with the lost banana!, and Maddie McIntee
Kneeling in front: Kelly Murphy and Elisabeth Hanley
10th grade FUN…Katie, Julia, Maddie and Elisabeth!

It was a fun and festive night as our Mercy girls helped these kids make Christmas crafts!!!


We woke up early this morning to cook a yummy breakfast casserole for the families whose children are recieving specialized medical care at Golisano’s Children Hospital.  

Carissa Pompa and her mom, Andrea Sciortino and her mom, Maria Trifiro, Mandy Hooks, Taylor Phillips and her mom!
BETHANY HOUSE – Mon., Dec. 7th

We made close to 100 Christmas Cookies with the women and children…all ready for their Christmas party 🙂

BELL RINGING – Sat. Dec. 5th
At Eastview Mall all day on Saturday, Mercy students rang bells for the Salvation Army.  People in need all over the world enjoy a Christmas because of this simple act of service organized by the Salvation Army each and every year.  Did you know that Millions of dollars is collected in those Red Kettles each year???

Hannah Tette, Ella Paris, Megan Reilly & Hannah Cormier

THE LEGACY – Dec. 2nd

Cady and Carly love to Wii Bowl with Mr. Bob!

Group Rummikub game!


We helped a few elderly residents decorate for Christmas…
“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”


During the holiday season, go and visit the museum to see the Gingerbread Houses and the TREE we decorated!

Ronald McDonald House – Nov. 19th
We made Lasagna for 22 families at this wonderful place that provides comfort, housing, and care for the families whose children are recieving specialized medical care at Golisano’s Children’s Hospital.  

Erin Taffe, Sophie Lu, Sophia (Mrs. Randazzese’s daughter) and Micaela Deutsch layering the Lasagna!
Salad Makers…Mrs. Deutsch, Arielle Atmosfera, Lauren Karpinski, and Lily Hyde

Sauteeing the meat…Ava Esquier and Lauren Karpinski
Erin Taffe, Elena DiFante and Micaela mixin up the cheese
GO Micaela!  A true chef!
Brownie time with Salem Hagos, Sophia and Sophie!


Violet Dang, Lily Hyde, Lauren Karphinski, Faith Snipes, and Micaela Deutsch enjoying baking cookies!!!

WOMEN’S PLACE – Nov. 12th
This emergent housing shelter is run by the Catholic Family Center.  We made Thanksgiving crafts with 10 elementary school children.  The kids were so happy and thankful.  A true joy of an evening.  

Julia Klimek, Arts Director extraordinaire!

Jennifer Pacheco enjoying helping the kids.

Arielle Atmosfera cleaning up after our fun.
BETHANY HOUSE – Weds., Nov. 11th
On their day off of school, 11 students cooked lunch, helped clean/organize, enjoyed an afternoon at this housing shelter for women and their children.  
Homemade Mac-n-cheese…
Taylor Phillips and Marisol Hooks mixin’ up the cheese.

Marisol and Mandy Hooks dishing out the yummy Mac-n-cheese
Brownie time with Solomia Laba, Julia Klimek, Sophia, Shirley Sun and Sophie Lu

Serving Time!

Our clean-up crew…Laura Seeger, Marisol, and Ava Esquier

Sabrina Dursunova has a new friend 🙂

OPEN DOOR MISSION – Sat., Nov. 7th
We participated in the Peanut Butter & Jelly project here at this Mission for homeless men, women and their children.  We made 50 PB & J sandwiches and put together 50 brown bagged lunches complete with a juice box and granola bar.  After miscommunication, lost keys, an impromptu visit to Tops Friendly Market, our motto for the morning was “Blessed are the flexible for they shall not break.”  This is an important ministry for those in the City that need comfort, food and care!

Mandy Hooks, Claire Wildman, Mrs. Phillips, Taylor Phillips and Alex Hetterich making (not eating) the yummy PB & J sandwiches.  

FOODLINK – Nov. 5th
Our students prepared over 500 Thanksgiving bags for families in need. 

Madeline Berl, Tatum Szalay and Carley DeBiase enjoying the FoodLink Fun!

THE LEGACY – Nov. 4th

We love Rummikub!
And BOCCE Ball!


We did a lot of gardening on Tuesday for a lovely older woman.  
She is happy with her Fall cleanup!

THE LEGACY – Oct. 28th
It was Game Show day!  So, we participated in “Let’s Make a Deal!”  What a hilarious afternoon.  Everyone got involved in one way or another…

The women and children at this Catholic Family Center emergency shelter enjoyed making Halloween crafts.  They were so proud of their work and the children had a ton of hugs for our Mercy girls!!!

We love helping the elderly with odds-n-end jobs around their homes!
Sarah Masri, Cecelia Hoskins and Solomia Laba reorganized this linen closet 
for a 93 year old woman!

Fun with a selfie!!! 
Solo, Aimee Clayton, Mrs. Randazzese, Cecelia Hoskins, Cherry Wang and Sarah Masri.

Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk – 
Sunday, October 18th, 2015
Donate here!

Over 100 Mercy students, athletes from the Volleyball & Tennis & Crew teams, friends, families and Alum gathered together and walked to help raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer.  There was tons of support and this event in Rochester alone raised $655,000!  Team Circle of Mercy helped raise over $2400.  Enjoy the pictures of those who braved the cold weather!!!

“Warming up” with Jazzercize!

PASSPORT DAY – Weds., Oct. 14th
For the first time, we had a 9th grade only afternoon of volunteering.  The purpose was to kick off a new school year introducing our 9th graders to the concept of being of service out in the Rochester community on ‘their own time’.  Managed like Ministry Days, where it is worked into their mandatory school days in the Middle School, this Passport Day was completely voluntary for our 9th graders.  We went to Bethany House, Foodlink, The Legacy and Fairport Baptist Homes.

Preparing a warm and welcoming bad for a woman to find comfort and safety!

Mary’s Place – Oct. 13th

We helped organize these beautiful bracelets and necklaces that the women refugees have made over the past several months.  This project has helped empower this community.  Jewelry is FOR SALE at their Open House @ Mary’s Place (414 Lexington Ave) on 10/22, 5-8pm and all proceeds will benefit  various efforts at Mary’s Place, such as, ESL classes, Pre-K classes, Case management, and enhancing their safe, community atmosphere, as well as the amazing women that made them.   

THE LEGACY – Oct. 7th
Our students were servers this day as they had an Apple extravagnza of tasting different apple pies from various places.  We listened to stories of baking in the old days, riding a sleigh to school, working, etc…

Getting ready for Halloween!

Spirit Day Canned Food Delivery – Sept. 25th

Over 8000 cans were delivered to Sister Regis Food Cupboard (City of Rochester’s Northeast community) and to La Casa (migrant farmer housing in Sodus, NY).  The Junior Class collected the most cans beating out the Seniors in this friendly competition of our Spirit Day tradition.  

Peter Mares, Director of La Casa enjoying filling up his car for the Migrant Farmers!  He is so appreciative of our giving to his Sodus, NY community.

The BIG group of muscles, smiles and tired bodies at Sister Regis Food Cupboard.  Sr. Julia is grateful for all the donations to help feed the poor in this neighborhood in the city’s Northeast community.  

And THANK YOU to our fearless leaders, Mrs. Johnston and Mr. Quinn for helping us all 
clean up in the Gallery!!!!
The LEGACY – Sept. 23rd
Lily Hyde learning from ‘the pro’!

THE LEGACY – Sept. 9th


We made summer crafts with the children after school.  Julia Klimek, arts director extraordinaire, once again created the crafts.  The children loved using the supplies and one of them even said that she had never made anything like this before.  Our Mercy girls helped so many children this afternoon express themselves in joy and interest.

Meghan Keyes, Lauren Karpinski, Sophie Lu, and Julia Klimek

THE LEGACY – June 3rd
The Legacy hosted an outdoor party for our Mercy Girls who have volunteered every Wednesday this year.  The residents were thrilled to see the whole bunch of Mercy girls…outside, in the sun, we played more Rummikub, Bocce ball, ate snacks and visited with the elderly…lots of stories and lots of fun!!!

Fairport Baptist Homes  – June 2nd

Affectionately called FBaps, 11 students made it out for our LAST day this school year…we helped sooooo many elderly residents with their gardening, washing windows, walking their dog, vacuuming…we accomplished so much and the residents were truly happy…lots of our students have said that they want to continue visiting here over the summer…

 We are women hear us ROAR!  


Good Mornin’…the house smelled good early on Sunday morn!  Hopefully it brought lots of comfort to the families staying there…especially to the family who’s 13 yr. old son is being treated for a concussion that has caused him Traumatic Brain Injury and pain every day since it happened 2 yrs ago!  

Hannah LaDuca, Lauren Karpinski, Meaghan Adler, Vivian Serrano and Mrs. Randazzese

Whippin’ up some good eggs, Hannah!

Lauren and Meaghan preparing the ham.

Vivian, the Master Fruit Chopper!

In lieu of buying a slice of pizza and cookies, students donated clothes for Mary’s Place and canned goods for Bethany House.

A BIN FULL of clothes to Mary’s Place!!!

 38 CANNED GOODS to Bethany House!!!

MARY’S PLACE – May 26th

It’s like family…at Mary’s Place…Julia Klimek, Maddie McIntee and Mayami Mahmoud enjoying!!
Mayami Mahmoud, Sharon Subba and Maddie McIntee having loads of fun!

FOODLINK – May 21st 

Erin Henry, Sharon Subba, Ashley Cummings, Tharinee Khumkhaw and Mayami Mahmoud

THE LEGACY – May 13th

Mrs. Randazzese’s daughter learning Wii Bowling from the PRO – Mr. Bob!

Shirley Sun, Emily Piccirilli, Nina Swan, and Olivia Ortega playing Wii bowling!

MARY’S PLACE – May 12th

Erin Henry reading to this young boy!

Samantha Waidl and Lucy Glover enjoying some tutoring.


Cookies always heal an ailing heart…

Hannah LaDuca, Cecilia Hoskins, Crystal Jiang, Aimee Clayton and Violet Dong…THE BAKERS!!!


Sophie Lu, Cecilia Hoskins, Mayami Mahmoud, Aimee Clayton, Addie Weidner, Lulu Al Matook, and Violet Dong met and listened to Peter Dupre.  Mr. Dupre is a WWII veteran.  He taught us about the Battle of the Bulge and how he was a medic.  He shared stories of how is family benefitted from the GI Bill.  He went into great detail of how he travelled with Journalist, Tom Brokaw in the Honor Flight to Belgium this past Fall.  He is a true gem and spoke passionately about his life story! 

Violet and Lulu helping and vacuuming!

MARY’S PLACE – April 14th

Finally, we played outside after a cold winter…we enjoyed hopscotch and jumproping.
Cherry Wang waiting her turn!


Fun in the sun!
Cherry Wang, Carlie Clarcq and Danielle Raymond with Mary’s Place kids…
Julia Klimek always having fun playing jump rope!
Mercy & McQuaid combined efforts and raised close to
$10,000 (and still counting) for Teens Living with Cancer.
Deirdre Kelly, Junior, helped organize this event where 3 Mercy students donated their hair (for cancer patients to recieve a wig) & 12 McQ students/teachers shaved their heads.  Our very own, Mr. Yandeck (Social Studies teacher and Varsity LAX coach) challenged the team to raise $1250.  They completely surpassed that goal.  CONGRATS  &  THANK YOU to everyone involved…Many families and Teens Living with Cancer will benefit greatly!
Deirdre did it!
Leah Noonan, Program Coordinator for Teens Living with Cancer, Rochester Div. 
McQuaid students and Theology teacher, Mr. Whelehan, before the shave!
Mr. Whelehan, are you sure?
Alex Vincent did it!  
McQuaid’s Latin Teacher, Mr. Morales, did it!
Thank you, Mr. Cavacos, McQuaid’s Dean of Academics!
Way to go, Hannah Nation!
Lauren Spiker, founder of Teens Living with Cancer. 
Our faithful hair sweepers!!!
Mrs. Randazzese’s daughters helped eat up all the goodies the LAX team made.  Over $200 was raised in baked goods alone!
The organizers…Deirdre Kelly, Leah Noonan, Mrs. Randazzese & Mr. Whelehan
Our 3 Hairdressers who donated their time ALONG with our 16 hair donors and head shavers!
Did he really do it?  
Great job, LAX team!
All of these people raised over $100 each!
Lookin’ mahvelous, ladies!

Bringing some spring sunshine to the kids at this emergency housing shelter.

Julia…our Arts Director!

Maureen Zhu, Ruth Crowley, Meghan Keyes, Julia Klimek, and Katy Peng showing their Spring Bulletin Board

THE LEGACY – March 25th
 Ms. Toni, Class of 1933, celebrates her 100th birthday with our Mercy girls!!! She was overjoyed with our love and friendship.  She said that she is so happy and that she doesn’t feel 100.  She shared several times how grateful she is to be a Mercy girl and to have been given the opportunity to work at Mercy as a Tuition Secretary
for 28 years!!!
Therese Mack Randazzese ’89, Lizzy Glynn, Danielle Raymond, Cherry Wong and Meg Hobler with Ms. Tony.  
“Mr. Bob” (Sr. Sheila Stevenson’s, RSM, father) with his Mercy girls
Once a month, Mercy girls bake cookies for the patients who are dying and their families.  The people thank our Mercy girls so much for taking the time to bake for them…each person is truly touched by this effort.
Aimee Clayton, Violet Dong, Hannah LaDuca and Alex Raymond baked incredibly yummy and perfectly round cookies all while discussing life and laughing along the way!  A lovely evening!!!
MARY’S PLACE – March 24th
Sophie Lu havin’ fun with the children!

The children were so happy to play outside on this beautiful sunny day.  First we helped them with their math homework and read to them.  Then they wanted to go outside in the warmth and sunshine.  We jump roped, played tag and ran around…

Violet Dong, Lindsey Ellison, Cecilia Hoskins, Aimee Clayton, Molly Blinn and Sophie Lu with our French friend.  She is lovely to talk with and listen to all her adventures of raising 8 children with her husband of 65 years!!!

Ms. Millie’s eyes and energy lit right up when we played LCR with her.  She is so interested in the students asking them all sorts of questions about their goals, college, and life.  At 89, she is quite fun to be with!!!!
The LEGACY – March 11th
Laura Huff, Charlotte Kurzweil, and Katie Hobler playing Rummikub with Ms. Tony and Ms. Rose. 

Kameron Baxter and Emily Piccirilli = Fun times with Mr. Bob!  

Everyone’s nails looked FABulous, thanx to Megan Hobler, Emily Yancone and Lizzy Glynn!
MARY’S PLACE – March 10th

So loving and fun here with children…Sharon Subba, Rachel LeFebre, Kaitlyn Lisena and Bernadette Hayes.
SAINTS PLACE – Sat., February 7th
The first Saturday of every month!!!  Our Mercy students organized clothes, toys, and household items for refugees.  Located in the old St. John of Rochester school building, Saints Place offers free clothing and household items to families that are coming to Rochester for the first time.  
1st row: Faith Snipes, Katie Sergeant, Jess Frankovich, Ava Esquier, Ms. Michelle Quinn
2nd row: Julia Klimek, Natalie Ioele, Laura Huff, Charlotte Kurzweil, Carli VanMaaren
Not shown (taking picture): Mrs. Frankovich, our lead chaperone!!!
Wednesday, February 4th
We made Valentine’s Day center pieces.  As always, we played Rummikub…an enjoyable, relaxing and connecting afternoon with our elderly friends. 

Emily Piccirilli, Emma DeAngelis, Lindsey Ellison, Katie Hobler and Lizzy Glynn enjoying Rummikub!

Emily Piccirilli learning how to play Rummikub from Ms. Toni & Mr. Bob.

Twins?  Nina Swan & Olivia Torres
Tuesday, February 3rd
It’s always a ‘Closer to God moment’ at Mary’s Place.  Children come here after school for help with their homework.  They also come for connections!  For some, after living in war-torn countries, they’ve come to Rochester, NY and have found a home at Mary’s Place…filled with love, support, joy, acceptance, education, faith, strength, and perseverance.  Juniors: Julia Klimek, Emily Wade and Jess Frankovich.  Sophomore: Cherry Wang along with Freshmen: Sharon Subba, Mayami Mahmoud, Lolwa AlMatook, and Bryahna Wright enjoyed this afternoon.  
Mayami and Sharon helping with Math homework!
Lolwa reading with this young boy!

Bryahna helping with homework.
Mayami, Cherry, Sharon, Bryahna and Lolwa making connections. 
Mercy/McQuaid URBAN PLUNGE Retreat Weekend with the Sisters of St. Joseph Volunteer Corps. Jan. 30-Feb.1

Juniors: Julia Klimek, Victoria Brooks, Grace Adams, Katie Sergeant, Charlotte Kurzweil and Laura Huff spent this past weekend with the Sisters of St. Joseph Volunteer Corps in the city of Rochester.  Along with 5 McQuaid Juniors, they each participated in active service at Mary’s Place Outreach, Bethany House, and Morningstar Foster Care.  After an entire weekend of service, prayer, fun, getting to know new friends, and learning about a closer relationship to God…these students are ready for more in life!!!  A special thank you to Sr. Donna Del Santo, Sr. Marilyn Pray, Sr. Lorraine, and Sr. Barbara who live in community and offered their leadership, time and prayer with us all weekend.

Julia, Charlotte, Katie and Laura off to their day of Service Sat. am. 

We are off to Bethany House, Mary’s Place and MorningStar Foster Care…

 Laura and Jordan helping this young girl who is blind with many disabilities. She loves to hear music and voices and move around in her walker/stroller!

Fun Playing Spoons!!!

Fun playing cards during some ‘down time’.

And Dominoes!

Acting out some Bible stories!

Acting out the Good Samaritan.

 Funny Faces!!!

THE LEGACY – Weds., January 28th
These residents know how to bowl!  Lizzy Glynn, Olivia Torres, Nina Swan, Cherry Wang and Michaela Furia enjoy watching MR. BOB bowl a strike or a spare EVERY time!!!
AUTISM UP – Sunday afternoons @ Pieter’s Family Life Center
Most Sunday afternoons you will see our dedicated students (along with other volunteers) helping out children with Autism.  Hannah LaDuca, Olivia Donahower, Andrea Sciortino and Deirdre Kelly work one-on-one with the children, in gymnastic type activities, to help them gain self confidence, sensory skills, communication skills and so much more! 
BETHANY HOUSE – Saturday, January 24th
We painted nails and baked brownies with the women on this relaxed afternoon…we talked, listened, shared and laughed!!!

Jess Frankovich enjoying some girl time.

Julia & Alexandra Klimek, Jess, Ava Esquier, and Hannah LaDuca bakin the brownies

Hannah & Julia, the brownie experts.
We brought joy and the smell of baking cookies to this peaceful place.  
Amy Hua, Angel Yang and Vivian Serrano making chocolate chip cookies. 
Erin Henry and Ashley Cummings starting to mix the oatmeal raisin cookies. 
Melissa Cook and Kaitlyn Lisena mixin’ it all up. 
Well…they forgot to add the sugars!!!

The LEGACY – Wednesday, January 14th
Olivia and Devin played Wii Bowling with the elderly residents at the elderly residential living community in Mercy’s backyard.  

Devin Gaffney (with her Great Grandfather) and Olivia Tette having fun.

These women know how to bowl!!!!

Ronald McDonald House – Sat., January 17th
Nine of our students woke up super early on this -1 degree morning!!!  We prepared a breakfast casserole for the families whose children are receiving specialized medical care at Golisano’s Children Hospital.  

Mandy Hooks, Lauren Karpinski and Meaghan Adler prepping the eggs
Julia Klimek and Vivian Serrano cutting up the fruit salad.
Eleanore Barrera and Victoria Brooks fixin the broccoli. 
Maddie Devlin, the ham dicer!
Hannah LaDuca and Maddy Devlin makin sure the ham is all cut up.  

Sanctuary House – Saturday, December 13th

Julia Klimek was our Arts & Crafts Director Extraordinaire again!  Angie Siguenzo, Jenn Pacheco, Katie Hobler, Katie Giugno,  Ally Mastrangelo,  and Deirdre Kelly helped bring smiles and creativity to the children.  We made Gingerbread Houses and Christmas crafts.  
BETHANY HOUSE – Thurs., December 11th

 We baked and decorated Christmas cookies with the women here.  Bethany House is a safe home for women and their children in transition in their lives.  This ‘warm’ home provides shelter, prayer, food and comfort of community to women who are struggling with getting ‘back on thier feet’ from drug addiction, abuse, unemployment, etc.  

Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center – Tues., December 9

Faith Snipes and Lauren Karpinski baking (and eating!) the cookies…comforting for those who are at their end of life.  

Bell Ringing @ Eastview Mall – December 6th
Sophie Lu & Anna Callari

Shannon Curran, Kayla Gateson, Jess Noeth, Brigit O’Brien and Kristen Smith 

Close to 50 students & adults brought lots of cheer to Holiday shoppers all day on Saturday…
Sam Costello & Maddy Meisenzahl

Ronald McDonald House – December 6th
Early morning cooking for the families whose children are in the hospital…

                  Eleanore Barrera, Vivian Serrano and Victoria Brooks know how to have fun early Sat. morn!

FoodLink – December 4th

Once a month on Thursday evening, Mercy students help out 
and sort donated food…
Katie Sylvester, Francesca Lamb & brother, Dominic w/friend & Maria Costello.  
Adult chaperone: Anna Lamb

The Legacy – December 3rd
 Our Mercy students were waitresses for the “Dames & Dessert” contest.  Our students were happy, engaging, smiley, conversational, helpful, and the elderly just love our Mercy girls…
Amanda Meitus serving the desserts!
Meg Hobler showing us her fancy footwork
Meg Hobler and Christina McAlpin greeting the residents
Amanda, Lizzy Glynn, Michaela Furia, and Christina welcoming in the residents to taste the yummy desserts.  
Katie Hobler serving her table.

Fairport Baptist Home – December 2nd

Cherry Wang and Cici Wang helping decorate for Christmas (and listening to many stories, too).

George Eastman House Christmas Tree Decorating – Nov. 25th

Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center – Nov. 18th
Anne Kraft and Sophie Lu making the famous Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.  
Ava Bianchi, Dominique Pernaselli, Alexandra Hoff, Sophie Lu and Anne Kraft presenting our yummy, warm, cookies for the nursing staff and for the people who are dying and their families.  

MARY’S PLACE – November 18th
An afternoon of being with the children who are refugees…reading, helping with homework, making Thanksgiving crafts…


Waking up early on Saturday morning to cook breakfast for the families whose children are at Golisano’s Children Hospital

FOOD LINK – November 11th (Veteran’s Day)

These fine young women spent their afternoon off of school helping fill Holiday Produce bags for the needy.  
Addie Weidner
Lindsey Ellison, Katie Sylvester, Victoria Brooks
Sophie Lu
Madelyn Sherrill

Sanctuary House – November 8th

Each month on a Saturday afternoon, we make crafts with the children at this Homeless shelter. 
Julia Klimek….the MASTER art/crafts director!!!
THE LEGACY – November 5th

Another FUN Wednesday afternoon with the elderly residents. 
FBaps (Fairport Baptist Home) November 4th
The FBaps crew on this fun day…Molly Blinn, Zoe Pienkoski, Cici Wang, Cherry Wang, Ashley Cummings, and Aleena Maryal. 

The Legacy – October 29th
Fun times…painting nails…
Lauren Karpinski
Olivia Ortega and her new best friend, Millie.
Lauren enjoying painting nails (with the dog, too?)
Michaela Furia…always giggling with the elderly!
Cherry Wang always smiling.

Mary’s Place – Oct. 28th

The Legacy – Oct. 22nd
Painting pumpkins with the residents

HAITI Potluck Supper – Oct. 20th
We gathered together, with our families, to learn more from Sr. Mary Sullivan, RSM and Ms. Andi Healy (Sisters of Mercy Focus on Haiti organizer) and her daughter, Sarah. This is our entire group travelling during February Break.  

Hannah LaDuca, Haley Dennis, Mrs. Randazzese, Aimee Clayton, Emily Hall, Violet Dong, Sophie Lu, Molly Blinn, 
Cecilia Hoskins, Ms. Andi Healy, Sr. Mary Sullivan, Emma Broderick, Gabi LoVerde, Mrs. Broderick, and Sarah Healy

Our Leader, Ms. Andi Healy and her daughter, Sarah…They drove all the way from Philadelphia to join us for our Potluck Supper!

Molly (and her mom) and Violet and Aimee enjoying the food!
The Juniors !
The Juniors !

The Seniors !

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk 
Oct. 19th

Our team CIRCLE OF MERCY raised $560 to support all our loved ones who have been affected by Breast Cancer.  We joined thousands of walkers at Frontier Field for this fabulous event!

La Casa – Oct. 15th

At the noon dismissal, these 6 students spent their afternoon volunteering at La Casa, a place that provides transitional housing for migrant farm workers in Sodus. We brought hundreds of canned food that was collected from the Spirit Day scavenger hunt. We reorganized their pantry and filled it up again. Peter Mares, director of LaCasa, an affiliate of Catholic Charities, said that whenever their pantry is low, he notices that God provides…organizations donate unannounced and it always provides comfort to the migrant farm workers and their families. 
Sophie Lu, Maddy Huppe, Lindsey Ellison,
Julia Klimek, Maddy Meisenzahl and
 Hannah LaDuca with
La Casa Director,
Peter Mares.  The pantry is full now!!!

Ronald McDonald House 
Saturday morning Oct. 4th

We woke up EARLY and made breakfast for the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House.  We met the father of a 5 month old little baby boy who just received a successful Open-Heart surgery.  It was humbling listening to this father’s story. So many families are comforted at this house and we are happy to be a part of this loving and supportive community!

Hannah, Liz, Eleanoren and Vivian cookin up our breakfast casserole!

Sunny with her fabulous fruit salad
Meg, are you making a playlist or helping us cook?

The Legacy at Clover Blossom 
October 1st
We had a big group to help the elderly with Scrapbooking.  We had fun decorating and looking through pictures of all the activities they do there…canoing, swimming, rock climbing, fishing, to name a few!!!  

On October’s agenda, the next few times we go….
Painting Nails and Pumpkin Carving!!!

Spirit Day Scavenger Hunt donates over 4000 canned goods to 
Sister Regis Food Cupboard on Sept. 29th
We drove all the cans to the City of Rochester’s Northeast Community on Bay St. where this food cupboard feeds the needy.  Sr. Julia overwhelmingly received your generosity.  She has a lot of volunteers that organize the food for families to come in and ‘shop’ once a month for this ‘free’ food.  What a blessing Spirit Day is to this community!!!  We had a TON of Mercy students, parents, and staff helping out!!!

Hildebrandt Hospice Care
September 23rd, 2014

We enjoy baking cookies for the people who are in the final stages of their lives.  Their families find comfort too in smelling the goodies and seeing our Mercy girls smiling faces.  We visit and get words of wisdom from these special people!

Emma Randazzese, Hannah LaDuca and Aimee Clayton making the best chocolate chip cookies!

Lindsey Ellison and Jen Geck making the best raisin/oatmeal cookies!

Fairport Baptist Home 
September 23rd, 2014

We help the elderly with their odds-n-end jobs.

Addie Weidner and Cherry Wang helping with yard work.  

Monica Xue helping walking an elderly resident’s cute dog!

Mary’s Place – September 16th, 2014

Hannah LaDuca playing with this preschool boy. 

Jess Frankovich trying to keep up with this preschooler’s fast energy!

Veronica Vitale playing pretend with this fine young man!

Addie Weidner enjoying helping with homework

Cherry Wang helping with homework.

Cici Wang getting hugs from this sweet First Grader!

Our Mercy girls learning the rythym of drums with the refugee children.

Fairport Baptist Home – May 15th

Fiona McLaughlin enjoying another dog!
Fiona cleaning and helping the dog owner.

Mary’s Place – May 8th

Cherry Wong sharing her piano talents!
Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center

April 29th

Lindsey Ellison, Jennifer Geck, Boyoung Kim, Soo Min Lee, Sophie Lu, Tess Murphy, Zoe Pienkoski, and Jen Repp brought a lot of joy here Tuesday night.  They baked dozens of cookies and many decorative cards for the patients who are dying and their loved ones!

Lindsey and Sophie making
Raisin Oatmeal Cookies = YUM!!!!

   Zoe, Jennifer, Jen and Sophie crafting up some decorative joy. 

Mary’s Place – April 24th

Julia Klimek and Phoebe Conley playing jump rope with the children.

Ruth Marren and Phoebe Conley enjoying the outdoors!

Ruth Marren and Fiona McLaughlin reading with the children.

RAIHN – April 12th
Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network

Jess Frankovich, Sara Lozy-Lester, Sophie Lu, Fiona McLaughlin, and Erica Vienne along with parents Sharon Frankovich and Bridget McLaughlin helped at the day center.  We played with the kids and helped clean the play room.

Mary’s Place – April 10th
It was a beautiful sunny day as Molly Blinn, Phoebe Conley, Fiona McLaughlin, and Amanda Meitus played outside with the refugee children.  There was no homework to help with today…it was play time outside.  We played hopscotch, colored with sidewalk chalk, kicked the soccer ball around, played on the jungle gym…everyone was having a lot of fun running around in the beautiful weather.  These children definitely feel the love!!!!

Fiona McLaughlin lovin’ up the sunshine!

Amanda Meitus playing some pick up Soccer. 

Ronald McDonald House – April 6th

Julia Klimek, Meaghan Wilson, and Gabi LoVerde getting ready to cut up veggies for Minestrone Soup. 

Christina McAlpin, Meg Hobler, Soo Min Lee, Julia Klimek, Sophie Lu, Meaghan Wilson, Gabi LoVerde, and Maya Randazzese…THE CHEFS!!!

Sanctuary House – April 3rd

Hannah LaDuca enjoying some quiet activity time.

Julia Klimek – our master Easter Bunny crafter!

Grace Adams loving up this sweet boy!

Sara Lozy-Lester playing castle and having fun.

Anna Doerr having a ball!

Grace Adams and Anna Deni helping decorate Easter Eggs. 

Hannah LaDuca, Haley Dennis, Aimee Clayton, Mrs. Randazzese,
Emily Hall, Violet Dong, Sophie Lu, Molly Blinn, Cecilia Hoskins,
Ms. Andi Healy, Sr. Mary Sullivan, Emma Broderick, Gabi LoVerde,
Mrs. Broderick, and Sarah Healy

The Legacy at Clover Blossom

Each Monday, we sit with the elderly residents…we play Rummikub, Euchre, Bridge or help with Woodworking
Nicole Vigliotti talking about life with one of the residents.
Amanda Mietus helping with woodworking!
Fairport Baptist Home – March 6th &  20th
Twice a month, we help out the residents with odds and ends jobs…we have walked dogs, vacummed apartments, helped address envelopes, sift through piles of papers, polished bronze home decor, put up Christmas decorations (and take them down), sat and read with residents, made brownies, brushed snow of cars…whatever they need done!
Hannah LaDuca, Fiona McLaughlin, Nicole Vigliotti, and Aimee Clayton were given watercolor paintings by this fabulous painter.
Amanda Mietus and Phoebe Conley polish this bronze decor and visit with this lovely resident. 
 Ronald McDonald House – March 8th
Up and early again.  We are now perfecting the Ham and Broccoli Breakfast Casserole. 
Claire Delaney, Shannon Dougherty, Lauren Zappia, Andrea Sciortino, Vivian Serrano, Carolyn Randall and Amanda Mietus ready to serve our Breakfast Casserole to the families who are staying at the Ronald McDonald House. 
Bethany House – March 3rd
Sophie Lu, Soo Min Lee, and Aleena Maryal preparing Lasagna. 
Anna Callari doing the dishes!!!
Sophie Lu and Mrs. Randazzese’s daughter, Sophia, preparing Lasagna.

Amanda Mietus, Hannah LaDuca, Charlotte Kurzweil and Sophie Lu layering the Lasagna!

Charlotte, Aleena and Anna making the much needed BROWNIES!

Sophie and Sophia!

Nazareth Farm – Alternative February Break Service Trip
Ronald McDonald House – January 18th
13 Mercy girls woke up early Saturday morning to cook breakfast for the families whose children are at Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong receiving specialized medical care. 
 Jordan Guerrieri and Sydney Rowan frying up the bacon.
Ruth Marren and Venice Aureli making the fruit salad.
Julia Klimek, Aileen Dalton, Chrissy Fallone and Shelby Delladio choppin’ up the broccoli.
Solomia Laba and Amanda Mietus breaking bread!
Aiden Falk, Ella Hogan and Catherine Catapano dicing up the ham. 
The finished product…cheesy breakfast casserole!!!
Bethany House – December 7th
The women and children at this cozy ‘House of Hospitality’ enjoyed over 100 Christmas cookies that our Mercy students baked and decorated on Saturday afternoon. 
Jen Repp, Addie Weidner, and Molly Blinn cutting out some cookies.
 Emma and Maya Randazzese making the frosting with the help of Charlotte Kurzweil.
Vivian Serrano decorating her cookies.
Hannah DaLuca with her ‘perfect’ gingerbread man.
Michele Sciortino, our amazing baker!
Zoe Pienkoski and her yummy cookies!
Sophia Randazzese decorating with A LOT of frosting!
Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army – December 7th
All day at the Marketplace Mall, over 40 Mercy students and adults brought Festive cheer standing in the cold and ringing those bells!!! 
Sanctuary House – December 5th
If you look real closely, you’ll see the glitter filled tree decorations that we made with the children.  I was not allowed to photograph the children that live in this wonderful and safe Homeless shelter.  Grace Skoklosa, Maryn Cannon, Zoe Pienkoski, Molly Blinn, Addie Weidner, and Katie Sylvester all helped over 10 children make a popsicle stick.glitter tree decoration.  The children were all so happy and thankful.  They wanted us to come back the next night and again and again and again…We will be there every First Thursday of the Month to make crafts with those sweet children!!!
Fairport Baptist Home – December 5th
The elderly in this community love when the Mercy girls come and help out with any task they need done – we are called ‘Helping Hands’ there!  Phoebe Conley and Hannah LaDuca helped a couple with their Christmas Cards. 
Addie Weidner and Molly Blinn helped decorate this woman’s Christmas tree while Fiona McLaughlin and Sadie Aman baked brownies in her kitchen.
Katie Sylvester and Zoe Pienkoski helped decorate this woman’s apartment.  They put out manger scenes, decorated a table with her Santa collection, and decorated her little Christmas tree. 
Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center – December 2nd
 We enjoyed an evening of baking cookies for the families and staff.  We saw, first hand, the love and care it takes for end of life care.  We listened to one woman share her story of her husband dying of cancer.  She loved our cookies and gave us words of wisdom for life!!!
Haley Dennis really enjoying the cookies we made!!!
Hannah LaDuca, Phoebe Conley and Maya Rochon
The Legacy – December 2nd
Katie Seeger feeling anxious playing the piano…she did a FABULOUS job!!!
The Legacy – November 18th
I loved bringing light to their day by being a youthful presence, and my favorite part was playing my ukulele for them while Christine played the piano. You could just look around and see the joy on their faces that our presence and music brought them. It really made me feel good when I left knowing that I positively impacted their day.

-Mary Stephenson (Junior)

I had a wonderful time playing games with the ladies at Legacy today! They’re such lively women with so much knowledge to share. I think that I really learned a lot from them (besides how to play Rummykube), and I love how enthusiastic they are about our plans for the future. It was very enjoyable to play, chat, and sing with them, and I can tell that we really made their day.

-Phoebe (Senior)

Mary’s Place – November 14th

Ronald McDonald House – Nov. 11th
Our compassionate Mercy students and 4 committed adult chaperones woke up Bright & Early on Veteran’s Day to cook Trader Joe’s Pumpkin pancakes for the families. 

The Legacy at Clover Blossom – Nov. 4th

Phoebe Conley and I enjoyed an afternoon learning how to play Rummikub from lovely ladies who live at the Legacy.  We also met two MERCY GRADS…from the class of 1933 and 1939!!!!!!!  They were so enjoyable to talk to.  They shared stories with us and showed us their Mercy rings!  Mary, wears hers EVERYDAY and Tony had it melted and she wears it on a necklace.  We are looking forward to bringing more Mercy students with us next Monday to hear more stories from these lovely older residents.  We look forward to playing more Rummikub and playing more music for the residents to enjoy!

AutismUp, Every Saturday Sept. 28th-November 16th

Our Mercy students have enjoyed helping children with Autism gain confidence through Gymnastic activities on Saturday afternoons.  They each have formed relationships with the children and are connecting with them on a weekly basis.  Our students are committed, kind and compassionate in their volunteering.  They are 9th graders: Grace Rembold, Olivia Donahower, and Andrea Sciortino.  10th graders: Deirdre Kelly and Cecelia Hoskins.  11th graders: Haley Dennis, Gabby Palmerini and Megan Paulus.  Scroll down below to see pictures of some of our students in action (the children througth AutismUp are not allowed to be photographed). 

Here is a reflection from Olivia Donahower:

     This Saturday, I visited the Penfield Gymnastics Training Center, where an Autism Up is held. Autism Up is a program where children with autism go to their local gymnastics center and get help with their physical activity. They jump on trampolines, crawl through the foam pit, and work their way through an obstacle course where they jump, crawl, and roll. The directors try their hardest to make it a safe and fun environment for the children and yourself! The children’s ability ranges from mainly independent, to where they can’t communicate without sign language. The best part about it is you can view how hard a child works to be their best they can. It is truly amazing to see children, which look like an average person, struggling with the simplest things like jumping.
     Some of the children I’ve worked with were deaf, couldn’t focus without guidance, and just plain out were independent. Every time I attend I see some different children and the same. These children can just take your heart away because you are able to grow a bond with them. Each child is different in their own way, but each and every one has their own struggles. I personally enjoy working with the more challenging children because I can watch them use their bodies and minds to complete the tasks. Sometimes, we can even join them with one of their tasks which aren’t only fun for you, but also for them.
     Autism Up also brings you closer to your classmates. There are girls that I worked with at this program, that I am now able to say hello to them in the hallways at school. Also a great benefit is that there are boys from McQuaid Jesuit. This can not only bring you closer to McQuaid, but you can see if a child works better with males. Autism Up is an amazing program that can help you build up friendships and open your eyes to how children with autism struggle with everyday things.
     I have my own personal experiences with autism. When I was four, I got a brother who was diagnosed with autism when he was 2. He couldn’t speak until he was five and learned at his own pace, which set him behind all of his friends at school. He also has dyslexia that puts him in a hard place at school. Over the years, with a lot of speech therapy and joining sports, such as baseball, I have watched him power through his harder struggles. Every day, you can see him have problems with his learning, but my family finds ways to help him. Autism Up does that for the parents of the children. It gives the parents a break from the children and also allows them to get help with their child’s struggles.
     During the week I, personally, can’t wait until Saturday – the day when the program is held- to work with these children. Autism Up is a great way to have fun, get school credit, and make amazing friendships with people you thought you would never talk to.

Bethany House – Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Grace Rembold (9th grade) and Mary Meisenzahl (11th grade) joined me in helping out at this amazing house of hospitality. The Bethany House provides a cozy and loving emergency home for women who are homeless and need an immediate place to stay. They are provided with an abundance of food, support to find jobs and a permanent to live, and of course prayer and guidance. We are going again on THURSDAY, DEC 19th to cook dinner for them!!!
Here is a reflection from Mary Meisenzahl:

Today for the first time I visited The Bethany House, which is a safe place homeless women and their children can stay. The shelter is completely run through donations and volunteers. I was shocked by all the generosity that so many members of the community had that made a place like this possible. As I spoke to one of the residents, I was caught by surprise when she mentioned what a blessing The Bethany House had been in the lives of her and her daughter. When her daughter arrived home from school, she was able to do her homework while some of the other children staying there played. It really struck me how much these women appreciate something I take for granted, like having a safe and comfortable place to come home to.

Mary’s Place – Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Aimee Clayton, Cecilia Hoskins and Deirdre Kelly helped these sweet children with some homework. They played with them outside and formed pleasant friendships.

Ronald McDonald House – Monday, October 7th, 2013

Megan Green and I broke a sweat vacuuming this huge house that provides FREE housing, meals, laundry and comfort to families whose children are receiving specialized medical care at Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong. We listened to a father tell us about his 6 week old daughter’s struggle for life. He was talking with us as he was playing with his 1 1/2 yr old daughter at a piano in one of the many comfortable family rooms. This story is special! Families like this are supported by volunteers like us. Everything is donated to the house, including dozens of bottles of laundry detergent, decorated bedrooms, DVD children’s movies, furniture, food, etc…. It is truly moving going on a tour of the House. Megan and I thought it’d be fun to prepare a meal for the families. They fill up fast by volunteers all over Rochester. The first available breakfast is Veteran’s Day. I also scheduled a Dinner for a Friday in December. Check the calendar for details.

Sister Regis Food Cupboard – Monday, September 30th, 2013

Hannah LaDuca, Aurora Ramos, Meghan Paulus and her mother, Cindy, together with teachers, Sr. Karlien and Mrs. McCormack, helped deliver the 2000+ canned goods to this Food Pantry. The shelves were literally bare when we arrived. They were filled with yumminess when we left. After school, many students in the gallery that were standing around waiting for rides or their activities to start, filled 4 cars to the brim with all the canned goods. MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK (AND HAPPIER PEOPLE!) It was truly a special day knowing that our Mercy students’ Spirit Week kindness have filled the hearts and mouths of the poor in the Northeast Community of Rochester.

Spirit Day – Friday, September 27th, 2013
Canned Food for Sister Regis Food Cupboard

All the High School Classes collected approximately 2000 cans for the poor. THANK YOU!!!

La Casa – September 23rd, 2013

We helped paint bedrooms in this house for migrant workers and their families. Migrants are allowed to live in this transitional house for up to 3 months. Peter Mares (pictured painting with Carlie Clarcq and Mrs. Randazzese) manages the house through Catholic Charities of Wayne County. He has created a wonderful community for these migrant workers, their families, and the community in Sodus. On Halloween, Mercy students are invited to dress up and give out candy to the children at La Casa!!!

Mary’s Place Outreach – September 17th, 2013
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