Faculty/Staff/Admin Service (aka “The Dream Team”)

2021-2022 School Year

Monday afternoon, Nov. 8

The mission of InterVol clearly relates to the Sisters of Mercy’s Critical Concern of Earth as they are working to keep usable medical supplies out of landfills. There is also a connection to the Gospel value of caring for the marginalized as InterVol donates supplies to people/places in need.

Mrs. Kvam

Campus Ministry Director ~ Mrs. Kvam, Motto & Leadership Coordinator ~ Mrs. Decosse, Teachers ~ Mr. Stryker and Mrs. Kurzweil helped organize sterile, unused medical supplies after school on Monday. InterVol was created in the late 80s by doctors here in the Rochester area. They started to collect unused medical supplies in the hospitals instead of throwing in them in the garbage.

Thursday evening, Oct. 28

We worked as colleagues to provide service to our community members.

Mrs. Jenkins

Teachers ~ Middle School Teachers, Mrs. Cellura, Mrs. DeMulder, Mrs. Jenkins, Miss McElheran and Bookstore Manager, Mrs. Klimowski enjoyed an evening of cooking together for the women at Bethany House.

My experience related to this goal by being able to help women which is a critical concern.

Miss McElheran

2020-2021 School Year

Twice a month, Mercy employees prepare dinner for the women & staff at Bethany House. Like the students do in Mercy Service, Mercy adults are welcome to join in the joy of being of service together in community with their coworkers. As they work together to share the Mercy spirit and serve the needs of the most vulnerable in our Rochester community, the hope is that they form connections of strength, resilience, and support for one another as co-workers. 

Thursday evening, May 13

Administrators ~ Pam Baker (President), Peggy Kenrick (Finance), Dave Carro (Marketing), Mike Waters (Human Resources), Tish Ciaccio (Advancement)

Clearly our time at Bethany House was rooted in the ministry of service…and I believe was fulfilled in away that demonstrated respect for the women residents at Bethany House. Several residents stopped by to say hello and I sensed a defintite appreciation for our presence and sincerity in being there to help out.

~Mike Waters, HR

Thursday evening, March 11

Teachers ~ Mrs. Cullen (Spanish), Mrs. Melton (Math),

Mrs. Gallagher (Spanish) and Mrs. Good (Leadership & 9th grade)

Tuesday evening, February 23

I always come away from these experiences saying “why don’t I do this more?”… I come away with a sense of gratitude and sadness at the same time. For me, two of the women at Bethany seemed close to my daughter’s age and it snaps you into a reality that these are people just like you and have fallen on hard times. Young or old, the people you are helping are someone’s daughter or mother.”

~Mrs. Decosse, Leadership and Motto Coordinator (joined by Mrs. Facci-Math, Mrs. Wahls-Media Center, Mr. Wood-Math, Mrs. Zumchak-Media Center)

“I felt so energized that night.  I went home, ate dinner, played with my kids and then tackled a home remodel project that we have been putting off! Was wonderful to feel helpful and to spend time with my dear colleagues!”

~Mr. Wood, Math Teacher

Thursday evening, February 11

“…we laughed and enjoyed each other’s company, all while serving others and thanking God for the blessings in our lives. It is truly in giving that we receive.”

~Mrs. McAliney, Math Teacher (joined by Mrs. Huber-Finance, Mr. “O” Ormiston-Tech, Mrs. Quinn-English and Mrs. Wallace-Advancement)

Typical table setting for the women and staff at Bethany House

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