M&M Juniors and Seniors Play Bingo at HOM

Juniors & Seniors joined over 100 House of Mercy guests Friday night to play BINGO, enjoy conversations, eat popcorn & pie, and enjoy Hot Cocoa (even though it was a warm, Spring evening)!  Our Mercy & McQuaid teenagers interacted naturally with the homeless and enjoyed connecting on game playing and simple conversation starters such as “Where did you grow up?”, “What’s your favorite song?” and “What’s your favorite food?”.  These conversations seem super simple, and while that’s true, what’s even more impactful is the dignity and respect that these vulnerable adults received Friday night from our amazing teenagers!  Thank you to Mrs. Jackie Gottko, Mrs. Joyce Preston, and Mr. & Mrs. Brad & Karen Kammholz for joining us all on this fun-filled and empowering Friday evening.

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