Guyana Service Trip 2017

Our Service Trip to Guyana, South America was filled with spending time and playing with babies, girls and boys at various Orphanages.  We worked closely with Sisters of Mercy Ministries in Guyana.  Enjoy the pictures…there is a story behind each and every one!!!  
1st row: Micaela Deutsch, Maddie Harrienger, Caroline Buckley
2nd row:  Izzy Lafler, Ally Seymour, Mrs. Randazzese, Elizabeth Catapano, Sr. Sheila Stevenson
Red Cross Kids Convalescent Home
Holding babies and playing with young children.
Sisters of Mercy dinner at their home.
Multi-generational lovely evening of food and sharing.
Sacred Heart Cathedral
Sunday Mass
St. Anne’s Orphanage
Playing yard games and giving Dress-A-Girl dresses and dolls.
Earth Day
We noticed that there was garbage EVERYWHERE on the side of the road and there was NO recycling.  So we got gloves and bags and filled them up!!!  We cleaned up a patch of grass alongside this patch of Lotus Flowers.
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
The only Catholic Hospital in Guyana and 2nd largest hospital in Guyana
Our future medical students!
The cafeteria
The laundry facilities
The generator for the entire hospital.
The American Embassy in it’s ‘backyard’
Arrowpoint Nature Resort
1 hour boat ride 15 miles inland, walking through an Indigenous Village, relaxing/swimming/kayaking in the river.
Oh, and Mountain Biking and sun-bathing were on the list too!
Our driver all week…so kind, respectful, dependable, and easy-going Guyanese gentleman, VENO!
St. John Bosco Boys Orphanage
Kite-flying symbolizing “Christ is Risen” in the Easter Season, playing cards, giving donations, playing Futbol, movie night, swimming, laughing, having fun, listening to music…

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