Day 3: Splendid

Started the morning off bright and early taking a hike to the top of a mountain to view the sunrise over Gros-Morne. Once we reached the top of the mountain, we witnessed many Haitians sitting peacefully, singing and praying as others joined in song and danced along. Going down the hill was a struggle for some of us, but luckily some of the Haitian children were kind enough to take our hands and lead us down the mountain so we didn’t fall.

View from the mountain

Group picture on top of the mountain (missing Emma)

After the hike, we went and visited a local hospital which is in the process of being expanded. They are currently planning on adding around 120 beds. It costs about 25 cents for a surgery, but they didn’t really have to pay, it was more of a symbolic gesture. There are currently no surgeons, but American doctors and surgeons visit and volunteer their time at the hospital. They are hoping to get a regular staff to work at the hospital soon.

Plans for the hospital’s renovation
Next, we found ourselves back at the elementary school, FonIbo, where we played with the children there, even though they didn’t have school since they were in mourning from Carnival. The Carnival was shut down due to an electric wire came down and many were injured and some died. The children were very happy and energetic to have us there to play computer games in their new computer lab and outdoor activities with them. Many of us had very special experiences with the children and didn’t want to leave. After a while of running around having fun, we all took a break and had a snack which consisted of Haitian peanut butter and ginger bread. 

While we were playing with the children, we noticed that many of the children were wearing TOM’S shoes. We were told that the previous week about 15,000 pairs were delivered to Gros-Morne and donated to the children.

First thing in the afternoon we attended a Creole/English Mass at Maison de Bon Samaritan which was a home for older people. Emily Hall did a beautiful reading from Deuteronomy for us all. It was a very simple, yet peaceful celebration. 
Our final activity of the day was visiting the girls from the Mercy Beyond Boarders house. They must have been the most energetic group. They were beyond excited to sing for us and incorporate us into their creole songs.  It was a great way to end the day, and we’re all very excited to see the children and girls again.
-Aimee Clayton and Violet Dong
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