JOUR DEUX: village adventures

What they say about Haitian children is true; they are the happiest and most grateful children you will ever encounter. Today we headed to a small village by the guest house to provide our services to its families, and we were fortunate to realize this first hand. Immediately after our bus pulled in, we were surrounded by small children with big smiles. Little voices crying “Bonsoir” and laughter met us at every turn, and each of us instantly felt a bond with the voices they belonged to.
I think it’s hard to describe the love you feel when you get to hold one of those children in your arms. From the moment they see you, they want to be around you. They want you to hold their hands and play with their hair and hug them.
I made a bond with one little girl who absolutely refused to let me put her down. Point-blank, refused. The first time I tried to let go of her, she clung so hard to my neck that I knew I couldn’t put her down, even if I wanted to. And I decided that I never wanted to leave.
It was beautiful seeing these children for the first time today, and I can’t wait to keep seeing them during the remainder of the week. Being around such pure and innocent happiness, just for the sake of happiness, allows us to understand what is truly important in our lives.

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