After 2 days of waiting, due to the crazy weather in Rochester and the Northeast, we finally made it to Haiti!!!  Travels were great…And we met Ms. Andi, Sr. Mary Sullivan and Papi, our Haitian driver, educator, and translator!!!  We drove a 4 hour bus ride North to Gros Morne.  The high point for me was the last hour of our bus ride that brought us to Gros Morne.  Think about driving over a million potholes for 1 hour straight…it felt like an amusement park ride…bumpy, jolting, and eye-opening.  My ‘Closer to God’ moment was seeing the Haitian culture on our bus ride.  Women carrying goods on their heads, people selling goods on the street side, buying bottled water from Haitians, feeling humbled by seeing the houses and conditions they live in, seeing the children’s big brown eyes.  

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  1. I'm so glad you guys made it! Miss you!!

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